BBN – Business to Business Networking , a platform for Entrepreneur to Meet, Connect & exchange their business links for a Win-Win Business relationship.

Example – If two entrepreneurs have a Rupee each & if they exchange it they still have a Rupee each where as, If each of them exchange one business link they will gain two Business links each.

BBN follows a very strict policy of no competition in the forum and to manage this it strictly follows one member per Business category which means that their will never be a second company or person representing the same business as yours.Any business links you exchange is with another trusted BBN forum member who would be representing a different business vertical from that of yours.

Networking in BBN is not similar to MLM. Here decision makers/ entrepreneurs of different business meet & exchange business links by educating the fellow members about their own Product/ services.

BBN provides a platform for you to be specific & focused in the Market with any one Product / Service category which is your current business & you specialize in, without any clashes/ overlap of similar business/ Product category their by channelizing maximum trusted business links specifically for the growth of your represented Business Category.

Upon your association with BBN, you are strictly entitled to represent only 1 specific Business category during the tenure of your membership. Each different business category is represented by a different member upon its Association & Validation for the membership by BBN decision makers.

BBN guarantees you a platform to Network with other Business Decision makers & entrepreneurs to generate business links and generating business leads out of these links is purely your effort.

BBN platform works – on the very simple logic of ‘You reap what you sow’

BBN is committed to continuously train you & encourages you build your business network via various proven & innovative business methods.

Effective Business to Business Networking Happens when two business entrepreneurs/ business heads are linked together through trust and relationship building having win-win situation, become on-foot, In-Talks classified ad for one another.

  • Define your networking goals & choose the groups that will help you in getting what you are looking for
  • See How you can share your business links & grow trusted relationships
  • Take responsibilities to help the fellow BBN member & establish Credibility by being visible
  • Be clear about your business/ services/ products; USPs & your target Market/ individuals
  • Be clear about business links you are looking for & how others can generate it for you.
  • Get people who can get benefited from the forum & who can inturn share & benefit fellow members of the forum
  • Show listener that you are interested in them & make a healthy & informative networking conversation
  • Last but not least respect, honor & Follow through the Business links that you have received quickly Efficiently